Saturday, 30 June 2012

Update From Lignano

So we have only just got the internet so here is an update of whats been going on.

Jen Dan and me drove down to Gatwick on Thursday night but we didn't make it. The Turbo thingy blew up north of Birmingham at 730 pm.

It was a bit tricky so we got towed back to Chester behind an AA truck at 50 mph- quite exciting.
Kate and Sarah  our daughters drove the other car from home to Chester and met us at  11pm. We were meeting the team at 5 am, and we arrived  at Gatwick in time for 2 hours sleep befroe we met everyone.  Benno and David had also had long trips.
All was good and we arrived at  Venice at 1045.
The boats  were  waiting and  Andrew had done a great job driving them across Europe for us.
We unpacked and immediately measured which was fine but every sticker bar one manufacturers sticker had to be removed. 

It took 9 measurers to agree that Bennos window was OK.  

This was the crawly thing on Sarah's sail

This is the boys trying to pack when we left the first hotel, note Dan's unusual technique.

There has been no wind in the mornings and the guarnteed 10kt breeze has been a modest 2-3 knot drifter, the sailors have started to get good light wind speed in the slpppy chop.
Go for speed, open leach, rig back, outhaul    to open the lower leach and eased sprit, oh and 35C temperature. 
We have trained with ARG, SIN, SUI, POL, IRL,IND, ISR,BER,CAN
We didn't have a RIB on the first day so the Irish team kindly let us hitch a ride on their RIB with Thomas.

Campbell Patton from Bermuda arrived today and we are sharing a brand new VSR RIB with Bermuda and Christine his mum who is the mum, teamleader and coach.

We have now moved into the official accommodation, a massive sports complex with beds for 1000's. We have 4 rooms, so plenty of space for everyone to feel comfortable.

Practice race tommorrow at 1400 if there is any wind. More news tommorrow.


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