Saturday, 7 July 2012

Great Last day at the Euros and a GBR Bullet.

Hi, well we have been out in great sea breeze conditions today. The wind filled in at about 1200 after a cross offshore overnighter.
The wind built to 10-12 kts and there was the odd Italian white horse.
There was a 1500 time limit on starting races, so there were 2 girls races and just one boys  race which was a shame.


Last nights volley ball the team warm up.

Race 1 girls saw Jen sail like a rocket ship and narrowly miss a bullet coming a close second, and Sarah finished 11th. Karyina was in the next race and finshed in the 20's.

The second girls race involved an activity called hiking, Sarah sailed very well to finish 5th in her last ever race in an optimist and Jen was about 14th on a very close finish on the line.

Jen having some chicken before the first race of the day note the green war paint.

There was only one boys race within the time limit of 1500 in a great breeze. All 4 boys were in the yellow flight. David owned the pin, Dan was 5 up, Robbie a bit further towards the boat with Benno.
At the gate it was David leading and he did a masterful job to take the bullet up a long second beat which was covered in clumps of  weed. 
Dan came in 5th and Robbie 'I undestood today' was 8-10th. Benno struggeld a bit up the second beat in the freshening conditions.

A couple of happy girls on the last day at the euros. 

Team GBR at the Europeans 4th team - not too bad then.

Jen 8th European girl

       David 10th European boy

Evereyone is partying right now so a final wrap up in the morning. 


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  1. Well done everyone. Great result. And especially thanks to Alan and Jen for dealing with the difficult conditions and keeping cool heads.