Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nearly a Bullet

Hello from Tuesday, here in Lignano. A slighlty different day today which Alan noticed at 0700 on his customary flat 20 mile ride [ today in 58.40] - not bad on an old bike.
There was an onshore breeze with a bit of chop which carried on all day and started to die away late in the afternoon.
The breeze was shifting a lot and within the start sequence it shifted a lot, being really aware of what was happening- was essential 

The blue girls fleet didn't get a race in yesterday so they went afloat first and Jenny scored a happy 9th. in race 1, Jen went on to score a 5th in race 2 and a modest 23 in race 3. Jen is currently 15th.
Sarah scored a 14 after a great start in race 2 but after a nearly great pin end start in race 3 suffered a shocker. Karyina scored a useful 20 but then had a black flag to finish the day off  with.  

The boys came out and then we raced around for lots of continious racing, which was possible because each colour was only racing itself for the day.
David had a very good day scoring 4,17, and 8 [ which was 3rd at the gate]. David is lying 8th.

Dan had a tough 38 in the first race of the day and then bagged a 3 and 5 in a dying breeze. Dan is 27th.

Robbie had a day of being caught in the middle and getting to grip with the shifts, scoring 31, 18 and 36.
Benno scored a great 2nd, then a 21 and then suffered a tough start at the boat for a 50 [ gulp].

Happy Benno

Some other stuff,  David's rudder broke and had to be replaced. the rear  bolt holding the tiller onto the rudder broke through the foam, it wasn't screwed through the epoxy.
Unfortunately my camera failed when Tim Cropley went oppy sailing yesterday, which was a great sight to see but only a few of us witnessed it.

Poker  Sailor Face
We played a game where each sailor had to stand up infront of the group and the group had to try to make the sailor smile. It was really funny and put a smile on everyones face. 

More news tommorrow.
Bye now.

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  1. Good job guys! Light winds good results... you are turning to be Greek!
    Be aware of the crisis!