Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nutella Wednesday- no rain here.....

Ola, we had the dejavu breakfast to start the day of, the same everyday, rolls, cheese, ham, yogurt, but  with coco pops to make a diifference and Jen tucked into a monster nutella roll- yummy.
Then we had the coaches meeting where the race committe explained that about 100 boats had been PDI'd about 5 points each for being in the waiting area. [ It happened again today but nothing really happened- odd really].

We had to take David's replacement rudder to be measured because the measured one was broken, see below. The measurement was all good. The hand is David's.

 Then we went afloat after a long delay at about 1300,  girls first The picture is of Massimo who used to be the Italian coach, who was shuttling coaches out to the RIB's - see how far the shore is, and Massimo was wearing a Turkish lifeguard outfit.

The sea breeze filled in over 2 hours to a lethargic wandering affair at 3-5 knots, and we raced from 1400-1700.  
We reflighted our colours today.  Sarah and Jen were yellow, and Karyna  blue.

In the first race of the day, Sarah was t boned by a Turk from to winward, who shunted Sarah and stopped her dead with 5 seconds to go. The Jury were watching and yellow flagged the Turkish girl.
Sarah recoverd to a good 22. Jen nailed the boat end and tacked off coming out a useful 11th.  
Karyna was doing well in about early teens and got the gate wrong to slide down to 36.
In race 2 Jen was yellow flagged off the start and DFL, fortunately she went left and popped out 13th would you believe. Sarah started at the boat and ended up in the late 20's.
Karyna  had a much better race in 14th - a light light wind.

The boys came out an hour after the girls it was all a bit of snakes and ladders.  David had a 22 - wind went persistently right, and a great 5th, it took 5 minutes for him to measure, one boom tie was close but just OK.

Dan had a 9 and a 23, the 23 was a 6 at the gate but Dan didn't stay with the leaders and got walloped - lesson there.

Robbie had a better day and was closer to  the front the next pix shows the difference between 10 ish and 17th. Robbie is getting in tune with his artistic side more and sailing the fleet and shifts more easily.
Benno had a steady day several shockers of starts and recovering to a 21 and 11. Benno's tacking improved too.
Campbell had a tough first race but came back with a good top twenty in the second race of the day.
After dinner we went for ice cream and some music therapy before going to bed.
Jen is currently 17th David 16th and Dan 25th everyone else is making progress up the fleet. 
Jens, Robbie's and Karyna's mums have arrived and are getting used to the nice warm weather.   

Arrividerchiiii. chow etc, more news tommorrow.



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