Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tricky Thursday

It was all cool this morning but the wind was south east then went south west, the sea breeze direction The sea state was all over the place, bow into waves on starboard and smooth as on port, nothing unusual.
Alan went riding at 0600- he made a mistake with his watch and went and hour too early, he found this strange village in the middle of nowhere on a 45 km ride.

Back to the day.......
The girls went first, Jen had a poorish  first  race after a great start but came back with top 5 in the second race of the day. but is still in the top 20.
Sarah had a great 4th then a tricky second race in the 20's.  Sarah's Maisheet shredded as she left the RIB to start a race but we had a spare. Sarah moved up to 49.

Karyna had a 20 and a bit of a shocker- but is in good spirits and is mid fleet.

The 3rd girls race was abandoned at mark 2 with Jen in 8th and the blue fleet couldn't even start as it clouded over and the wind dropped to tiddly sqwat. Then after the AP  over  A  a solid 15 kts filled in for a couple of hours!
The boys had a challenging day to in the unstable breeze, Dan had a late 20's and a 13-14. Robbie had a yellow flag on a general recall and 2 reasonable early 20's  races.
Benno had a shocker of a start in the first race of the day but pulled through to a 20ish and then was 6th in the second race round the leeward gate but dropped to the ealry 20's on a fetchy thing to the finish.

David had a teen in race one of the day when the wind failed to shift back-is it persitent or will it shift back?,   and in race 2 the wind died at the gate and David and Benno close reached to the finish David was inches away from a win and Benno got dumped to an early 20. All a bit mean  really.

  Robbie thinking about the shifts, is it persitent or will it shift back?

Watching a light wind start again

We are off for a Pizza and more news later

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