Monday, 2 July 2012

What a First Day at the Euros.

Hello all, today was the first day of racing, first of all this morning we had an arguement  with the measurers about some insulation tape on the tack string wich they said was illegal, but it hasn't been illegal for the last 10 years.   The tape just stops the tack tie slipping forward. Maybe if it was black tape noone would have noticed.

We went afloat at  1300 and started a race at 1630 so it was a long time afloat but we have a nice pink umbrella to keep us cool. There are only about 50 boats in each flight and there are 5 flights -3 boys flights and 2 girls flights.
The race officer did a good job in the face of adversity, 2-4kts from the south with a strange choppy sea state. 
Race 1a was David and Robbie. David came off the Pin and was in the top 4 at the leeward gate, Robbie had a black flag boat above him which spoilt his start. The wind went 30 degrees left and it was a fetchy thing to the finish. David was about 8th after going to what he thought should have been the finish and Robbies was about 30.
Race 1b was Benno and Campbell [Bermuda]. Benno had good start initially but lost his lane too early and was forced into tacking, and Campbell had a challenging start too.
Benno and Campbell finished mid fleet.
Race 1c was saw Dan own the boat end on a square line, but he hung out too far on the right and lost quite a lot getting back left.
Girls race 1a saw Sarah dominate the boat and Karyina struggle at the pin, a 35 degree shift later up the windward leg saw Karyina 3rd at the windward mark and Sarah deep.
     David 3rd at the leeward gate in a Ned sandwich.

Jenny was our only sailor in race girls 1b, and after smacking the committee boat Jen did a few turns then dominated the boat end only to realise that the wind had gone so far left that it wasn't possible to make the pin on starboard. Fortunately the race officer came to the rescue and AP'd at 2 seconds and saved Jen's day, and her race never got away.
The race results aren't up yet and there were lots of black and yelow flags- but not ours.
Another day to look forward to tommorrow.
Dan and David now have a new fan to keep their room cool at night lets hope it stays in one piece unlike the their old one.  
Bye for now.



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